Monday, October 4, 2010


This if for The Burtonesque Dolls challenge #20.  We had to use this sketch for the challenge and channel Edward Scissorhands.

Let me just say that this was hard for me as I am NOT a crafter...but I hope to become one.  Reading about the supernatural is what I love to do.  Crafting is what I am learning to love to do.  My sister made me the Edward image and I colored it in.  I thought that was just as good as a rubber stamp since she just made me a line drawing. 

I used some scrap papers I had from last year when I started trying to craft.  I took a long break and now I am back.  I was glad to have a layout to follow since I am just a beginner...did I mention I am not yet a crafter (lol)?

I heat embossed some little silver starburst to give it a little something extra.  I hope you like it!  Please be kind with your comments.  I feel like such a child compared to the other work I have seen online.  Some of you ladies are AMAZING!


boesch said...

Good job Rhonda!

TRACEY O said...

Nice card Enjoy your crafting journey.

candyspiegel said...

For a grandma, I think you're doing pretty well! lol
Seriously, no one would consider this the work of a newbie. Great job!